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Say hello to the WorkplaceDynamics team. We are passionate
about making the world a better place to work together.

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  • photo_large_dan_kessler

    Dan Kessler


    Dan makes sure we are delivering for all our clients. He enjoys crossing things off To Do lists and being organized. Outside of work, he tries to keep his family laughing and steer clear of home improvement projects.

  • photo_large_dan_kessler

    Dan Suwyn

    Workplace Improvement Leader

    Dan works with business leaders to connect bottom line improvements to increases in employee engagement. When not working to solve seemingly intractable business problems, Dan is raising awareness about his Parkinson's disease, listening to his network of brain geeks, talking about the latest incarnation of Doctor Who and dreaming about his family and home on Turner’s Creek in Savannah.

  • photo_large_denise_larue

    Denise LaRue

    Vice President, Top Workplaces

    Follow the trail of dark chocolate and you will find Denise at the end, helping companies organize their surveys.  2 children round out the witty, charming and cake-baking Denise.

  • photo_large_doug_claffey

    Doug Claffey


    As CEO, Doug looks after our newspaper partners. He also looks after all of us. Doug previously headed up business development for a number of companies and was a manager at McKinsey & Co. When he is not working, he is usually considering mountain biking.

  • photo_large_rick_joi

    Rick Joi

    Head of Research & Development

    Rick has developed survey questions, tools, and algorithms that allow us to mine the answers from more than a million employees at over five thousand organizations per year. His favorite activities are building software that helps our customers and spending time with his wife and three children. He always wears a smile and wins for having the largest single person’s water container in the office.

  • photo_large_diana_boyd

    Diana Boyd

    Client Services Senior Specialist

    Diana spends her time researching and delivering shout-outs about the Top Workplaces Program to companies all over the nation.  She then walks (sometimes runs) through the entire survey process with participating companies.  When her feet get tired you will find her in her sleep socks reading & snacking.

  • photo_large_elisabeth_geers

    Elisabeth Geers

    Client Services Manager

    Elisabeth has been with our company since February, 2007 and was our first full-time employee. She helps hundreds of clients through the survey process and supports some of our publishing partners. Out of work, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends , paper crafting, and scrapbooking.

  • photo_large_thomas_morascio

    Thomas Marascio

    Client Services Specialist

    As a Client Services Specialist, Tom enjoys practicing his livelihood of interacting with people all throughout the country and providing dedicated assistance throughout our survey process. Tom devotes much of his time outside of work to his newborn daughter and plays inline hockey.

  • photo_large_lisa_burke

    Lisa Burke

    Client Support Specialist

    Wearer of many hats and driven to distraction by her four children, Lisa finds sanctuary in supporting WorkplaceDynamics clients. 

  • photo_large_bob_egan

    Bob Egan

    Client Services Specialist

    Bob enjoys helping our clients through the survey process. When he's not at work, he enjoys hitting the links with friends and trying out new and obscure recipes.

  • photo_large_lindsay_wick

    Lindsay Helm

    Client Services Specialist

    Lindsay invites companies to participate in the Top Workplaces program and loves supporting them throughout the survey process. When she's not hard at work, she's probably hanging out with her future hubby or training for their next adventure race, mud run or moustachioed get together.

  • photo_large_john_quillen

    John Quillen

    Software Development Director

    John helps make sure our software provides the most value while writing our first mobile app. When not doing that he’s playing epic chess games with a colleague or out building his network and connecting people. He enjoys his wife’s baking, attending soccer matches with his son, watching one daughter play soccer and the other act in plays. He also enjoys going on an annual mission trip with the whole lot of them.

  • photo_large_joan_mckinley

    Joan McKinley

    Operations Manager

    Joan makes sure we have what we need to support our clients. When she’s not sneaking in yoga moves at her desk, you’ll find her hiking with her dog or contemplating how her three kids grew to be taller than she is.

  • photo_large_diane_galligan

    Diane Galligan

    Recruiting Specialist

    Diane Galligan does her sincere best to ensure that all companies have an opportunity to participate in a Top Workplace event.

  • photo_large_niki_reid

    Niki Reid

    Data Scientist

    Niki is our Data Analyst, meaning her work typically includes things that makes others' eyes glaze over, but Niki's gregarious demeanor makes it fun! When not working, she is probably playing flag football or discussing microeconomic theory over a homemade latte.

  • photo_large_lauren_denight

    Lauren Denight

    Client Services Director

    Lauren spends her time speaking to our many clients about their results.  Her main priority is making sure that clients understand what the employees are actually saying.  When she’s not hard at work here at WorkplaceDynamics, she’s hard at work running after her two small sons. 

  • photo_large_justin_weller

    Justin Weller

    Client Services Director

    Justin invites companies to participate in the Top Workplaces program. When he is not enlightening companies about Top Workplaces he spends his time with his family and can usually be found in front of the TV with a beverage watching sports!

  • photo_large_marissa_lende

    Marissa Lende

    Client Services Director

    Marissa heads up one of our support teams. She assists clients with their survey logistics and reviews the survey results with them. Marissa loves to travel and is always interested in trying new cuisines, especially those that involve various complex dipping sauces.

  • photo_large_jill_romando

    Jill Ramondo

    Client Services Specialist

    Although always smiling and giggling, Jill is serious about workplace improvement. She loves sharing our mission and changing people’s lives. When not at work, you will find Jill doing silly dances with her son, Dominic or watching sports with her husband, Roger. When she gets some “me” time, Jill is most likely listening to the Beatles, buying a new Coach handbag, or studying American presidential history books.

  • photo_large_tim_fitzpatrick

    Tim Fitzpatrick

    Client Services Specialist

    Tim works with clients to coordinate their survey process. When he isn’t talking about survey logistics he can be found in the 3rd base coaching box at his local baseball field.

  • photo_large_todd_schuler

    Todd Schuler

    Senior Developer

    Calm and steady, even the toughest software development issues won't get Todd frazzled. He helps keeps things running behind the scenes. When not at work, Todd can be found with his wife and kids, playing hockey with his son or learning the latest ballerina moves from his daughter.

  • photo_large_laverne_shirey

    Laverne Shirey

    Client Services Specialist

    Laverne helps clients through the survey process. She loves sharing our mission of helping clients create workplaces where people want to work! When she’s not busy at work, she’s busy at home with her husband, 2 little men Logan and Micah, and her cat – who she swears is her child too!

  • photo_large_ted_schwab

    Ted Schwab

    Client Services Specialist

    At WorkplaceDynamics, Ted helps participating companies through the survey process. He enjoys solving clients’ problems and helping to spread WorkplaceDynamics’ mission. When not at work, he is usually doing something involving books or playing some form of Celtic music. Ted also loves British history and tea.

  • photo_large_jaime_smarilli

    Jaime Smarilli

    Client Services Manager & Newspaper Relations

    Jaime, helps make sure all of our clients understand the results of the survey. She also helps you decide if you would like to receive more detailed data about your organization. When she isn't talking about your employees' engagement level; she is usually spending time with her husband and their toddler Jake, jazzing up Sesame Street tunes.

  • photo_large_patti_zwahlen

    Patti Zwahlen

    Operations Facilitator

    Patti keeps our consultants up-to-date with information to better serve our clients. When she's not jotting notes or updating our database, you'll find her in her Craft Room, on the golf course, or counting the days until football season starts.

  • photo_large_jennifer_knapp

    Jennifer Knapp

    Senior Client Services Specialist

    Jennifer reaches out to companies and guides them through the survey process. When she is not working, you’ll most likely find her cooking something tasty or spending time outdoors.

  • photo_large_colleen_hulsman

    Colleen Werner

    Client Services Specialist

    Colleen reaches out to clients and provides customer service throughout the survey process. When Colleen is not at work you will probably find her playing with her cocker spaniel named Dozer.

  • photo_large_nicole_popolizio

    Nicole Popolizio

    Team Lead, Top Workplaces Recruiters

    Nicole heads up our recruiting team, ensuring we spread our mission and educate new clients about our Top Workplaces programs. When not hard at work, you can find Nicole enjoying the outdoors with her dog Nike or crafting her next DIY project.

  • photo_large_carole_diadezzio

    Carole Di Addezio

    Senior Client Services Specialist

    Carole enjoys guiding clients seamlessly through the survey process. And between her and Elisabeth they support the iced tea industry of Eastern Pennsylvania.

  • photo_large_anth_moquin

    Anth Moquin

    Senior Solution Architect

    Anth sneaks around the office and fixes stuff, like websites, e-mail servers, firewalls and creaky doors.  He has also been seen proofreading things.  In his spare time Anth enjoys road biking, playing guitar and taking spontaneous day trips.