Workplace Action Tracking

Easily act on your engagement insights
Action Tracking

Take action with confidence. Action Tracker allows you to review projects, monitor progress, and report out on initiatives to your organization.

Action Tracking

Action made easy

Action makes your survey results come to life, and we make it easy for your organization to implement changes when needed. Action Tracking helps you drive progress all year.

Maintain momentum

Your annual survey aligns your senior team on focus areas, then helps you communicate the results to your leaders. Keep momentum going with Action Tracker to unlock potential and drive change.

Action Tracking

Align organizational goals and
define success

Survey Tracker automates management of your organization’s chosen actions to deliver completed tasks and celebrations. Take pressure off managers by effortlessly distributing actions to employees and managers alike.

Collaborate across the organization

Task owners need to specify three things: Who is accountable? What action will be taken? When will it be completed? Action Tracker takes it from there with automated reminders and reporting.

View and report progress

Leaders can check in and report on progress at any time to understand the status of their action initiatives. Easily keep every stakeholder in the know with a clear and constant view into every action in progress.

Celebrate completed actions

Action Tracking doesn’t stop until each success is celebrated. Top Workplaces show celebration has a direct positive impact on engagement.