Workplace Culture Wall

Build a culture of recognition, alignment, and trust
Culture Wall

Express your values and culture on your personalized Culture Wall with curated survey data, comments, suggestions, and appreciation statements.

Employee Appreciation

Share with employees

Build trust, reinforce values, and promote employee appreciation by sharing the feedback you get from employee surveys, pulse communication, and other components of the engagement platform.

Attract new talent

Display your Culture Wall to show prospective hires what makes your organization special.

Employee Appreciation

Your culture expressed by real people

By reflecting people’s comments back to the organization, you can align everyone on the character and personality that best reflects your goals.

View anywhere

The Culture Wall is adaptable to computer, mobile device, and TV presentation formats, so anyone can access it anywhere.

Fully customizable

Personalize your Culture Wall your logo, branding, and values. Control what appears on the Culture Wall from within the Pulse or Survey tools.