Workplace Pulse

Your year-round engagement assistant
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Anonymous. Trusted. Easy. Fast. Insightful.
Create a channel of continuous dialogue with your employees – without creating a ton of work.

Candid insights all year round

Dig into what matters most to your people. Our regular and focused questions earn quality employee insights, then allow you to earn more clarity without risking confidentiality.

Deliver quick wins

Surface and act on important opportunities from across the organization. Taking simple actions leads to trust that inspires engagement (according to HBR).

Say thanks

Studies show appreciation powers engagement – and giving is better than receiving. Workplace Pulse makes it easy to enable a culture of appreciation that endures.


Blind spots are all around you. Give your employees a trusted channel to keep your eyes open to the unexpected so you have time to address problems before it’s too late.

Keep it all on track

To see the difference you’re making, you’ll want to measure your efforts regularly. If efforts are going off-track, Pulse trending will let you know.

Keep the conversation alive

Enabling anonymous dialogue will help you dig deeper into feedback, issues, and urgent topics – while empowering your team to be a real part of change.

What Our Clients Say

“In focus groups, there can be one person that leads the conversation. People tend to follow the lead of that person rather than expressing how they feel individually. Workplace Pulse gives them an opportunity to express how they are feeling without being influenced by others.”

– Erin Echols, United Way of Greater Atlanta